"Happy Mourning Day"

For Mother's Day, "The Mourning Moms" collaborated with former member Latavia Roberson (an angel mom) of Destiny's Child and three other women of child loss for a special Mother's Day tribute.

This includes a "Happy Mourning Day" exclusive photo-shoot with international photographer Sidney Conley.

With May being known for Mother's Day and Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to show you a brighter side of child loss as we stand in unity showing power over our circumstances and choosing liberty over our lives.

Mother's Day is a challenging day of mothers of child-loss and with mental health at an alarming high, we would love to spread positive vibes to your journey.


Happy Mother's Day to all mom. Especially, my sisters who are embracing love from the sky!


Thanks to the following moms for making this amazing.

Latavia Roberson of Destiny's Child

Shaquita Lathon of Kingdom Kiddies Clothing

Cassidy of Born Into Heaven

Entrepreneur Makenzie Beard

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