You Better Talk It Out!

Let’s be honest, there are so many things we would love to express that we purposely hold in daily.

One reason we do so is because we are afraid of the feedback that we may encounter if we do wish to verbalize our true feelings.

However sis, this leads to several problems. Mental behaviors, attitude changes, bitterness, and so many other psychological and emotionally issues within.

In this particular case, centered around child-loss, it’s detrimental to our heath to not always just bare these uncomfortable thoughts.

So we feel it’s absolutely necessary to create a space where we can. Speak it out, that is!

Let us hear it! Rather you’re having an emotional day, great day, inspirational moment, a word of encouragement, or just want to vent.

Let us have it!

No limits, say what you want (keep it classy; no disrespect) and we will be sharing with the community. You can even choose to remain anonymous.

Reflecting true lifestyle of a “Mourning Moms”.

Together we can tackle the odds!

If your interested, answer these few questions and we respond soon with feedback.

Thank you for serving hope and your

contributions to the community!

You can submit your response through both DM or email. For a quicker response, email us

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